Neon Orange 3/4 length sleeve top with Neon Yellow Collar. Originally I’d bought a fairly neon fabric from a fabric store in Manchester and had managed to iron the shape out of the fabric when pressing the seams and had to write it off as a failure.

Yet I was hooked on the Neon idea and then I found this fabric online from a German site.

they are both a light weight jersey and I’m still unsure what to do with the rest of the Neon yellow but it sewed like a dream!


So I’ve been doing a lot of clothes making this past month, for both myself and others and thought I should blog it as well as blogging more fashion related ‘stuff’ - like maybe design inspirations or fashion news I’ve seen, exhibitions and what-not. 

So here we go…sorry for some bad pictures and the slow start, I’m not my most favourite of models…